Which Is Better? Manual or Powered Toothbrush For Daily Use

As part of daily routine, brushing teeth must be made comfortable and done with the best toothbrush that’s right for you. Many are faced with the dilemma of choosing between two types: manual or powered toothbrush, which is better? Here’s a close look at the contenders towards your utmost oral health.

Manual Toothbrush

The modern toothbrush we know today and most people typically use traces it roots way back in the late 1930s. Constant updates and upgrades have been added, but the original concept has been maintained for generations.

You’ll never run out of choices since this type of toothbrush arrives in a myriad of styles, bristles, heads, colors, and have been designed for different dental needs. A manual toothbrush is ideal for travel, simply grab and go without worrying about batteries or where to find charging outlets. It’s inexpensive and often given for free from dental clinics.

Brushing takes the general 2-minute length with a manual toothbrush, though you would have to time it yourself. The manual type can definitely keep your teeth clean, but entails more work than the electric toothbrushes, and has to be replaced after about a period of 3 months.

Powered Toothbrush

In the 1990s, the powered toothbrush became a popular alternative over the traditional style. Some may think that powered toothbrushes come with today’s technological advancements, maybe even just a cool item just to make brushing fun for kids and give adults a state-of-the-art piece of their everyday essentials. However, it does bring about many benefits to those who choose to go with the electric type.


Battery-operated toothbrushes spin an astounding number of thousands of strokes per minute. Thus, this entails less work for you, like when you simply need to place the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle then let it do the brushing. It encourages kids to brush since most children loves the way it tickles their teeth, and they can do it almost effortlessly.

The built-in timer eliminates any guesswork and makes certain you observe the best practice of brushing your teeth for two minutes. The downside is this kind of toothbrush naturally requires a power source, whether an outlet for charging or batteries to run. This is also reason why it can be bulky to bring on trips and likewise requires more care during use to prevent from dropping.

The technology powered toothbrushes are built upon render products that can cost significantly more than manual types. There are several types available, but you can expect to pay more than you would normally do for a regular non-electric powered toothbrush.

So which is better?

A few studies have shown that powered toothbrushes can statistically remove more plaque compared to manual types, and that they are better at fighting gum disease. Still, dental health experts agree that no matter how high tech or low tech the toothbrush you use, regular tooth brushing along with good dental habits is what matters most. The right toothbrush, the most suitable toothpaste, and knowing proper brushing and flossing techniques altogether will give you a healthy smile. For more toothbrushing tips and advice, please visit us at GardenGroveDentist.net today.

Kiropraktorer för ont i rygg och nacke

Here’s a chiropractic article in swedish!

Kiropraktiken (från grekiskans chiro = händer, praktos = att göra, blir ungefär ”att göra med händerna”) utvecklades som behandlingsmetod under slutet av 1800-talet i USA. Kiropraktikens huvudteori har under mer än 100 år varit den så kallade subluxationsteorin, dvs att en kota halvvägs hoppar ur led och orsakar smärttillstånd. År 2013 så är det endast ett fåtal kiropraktiker som fortfarande håller kvar vid denna teori. Man har i USA genomfört omfattande röntgenundersökningar i syfte att hitta dessa subluxationer, men man har inte lyckats diagnosticera dessa via röntgen. Trots detta är det vanligt att väldigt många kiropraktorer i USA har egen röntgenutrustning på kliniken. Numer visar forskningen på biomekaniska och neurofysiologiska förklaringsmodeller, det vill säga att behandlingen ökar rörligheten i muskler och leder som varit stela eller ömma.


en stor yrkesgrupp globalt sett

Kiropraktor är den största yrkesgruppen inom avancerad manuell medicin globalt sett, där kiropraktorer i många länder har väl inarbetade samarbeten med den offentliga vården. I Sverige har kiropraktorer ungefär samma status och har ungefär lika många vårdavtal som naprapater.

Kiropraktorer arbetar oftast i privat regi

Även i Sverige arbetar de flesta kiropraktorer på egna kliniker, men några som har vårdavtal samarbetar med vårdcentraler.

Kiropraktorers utbildningar

Utbildningsmässigt liknar den svenska kiropraktorutbildningen den svenska naprapatutbildningen. Kiropraktorutbildningen i Solna på  Skandinaviska Kiropraktorhögskolan är 5 år lång och efterföljs av legitimationspraktik som leder till möjligheten att söka legitimation hos Socialstyrelsen. Även innehållsmässigt är de lika. Utbildningen till kiropraktor kan även ske utomlands, och skillnaden mellan den utländskt utbildade kiropraktorn och den som är utbildad i Sverige skiljer sig delvis åt. Utlandsutbildade kiropraktorer  leder till högskolepoäng.

Enligt Legitimerade Kiropraktorers Riksförbund arbetar kiropraktorer efter följande: ””En kiropraktor behandlar de besvär eller skador som orsakas av störningar i leder, muskler, nervsystem och deras inbördes relation. Det övergripande syftet med kiropraktisk behandling är att återställa och upprätthålla normal funktion i leder, muskler och nervsystem. För att åstadkomma detta använder sig kiropraktorn främst av olika exakta handgrepp. Den huvudsakliga behandlingsmetoden är manipulation (s.k. justering), men även annan manuell behandling förekommer.”  Triggerpunktsbehandling och muskeltöjning ska även ingå i utbildningen

Hur arbetar kiropraktorer?

Kiropraktorer arbetar således mestadels med händerna och genom manipulation. Olika typer av manipulation används – mobilisering eller manipulation av leder. Mobilisering är ungefär som stretching av lederna, medan manipulationen är den behandlingsmetod där det kan uppstå ett knäpp i leden när den utförs.

Healthy Eating to lose weight

Eating Healthy To Lose Weight!

How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise, Simple Strategies To Ensure Healthy Weight loss.  As we are removing exercise from the equation, the focus will now turn to diet and lifestyle factors. Firstly to be clear a diet is simply the foods that you eat on a daily basis. We are all on a “diet”, most simply don’t understand what diet means. Now as we want to lose weight without using exercise, we have to look very closely as the foods and drinks that we consume on a daily basis and the calories that we take in to ensure that are eating habits are aligned with any type of weight loss plan.

The first place that we should look at is the food groups that we are eating daily. To ensure healthy weight loss of around 1-2lbs per week, we want to be eating starchy carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and lean sources of protein like eggs, fish and nuts. Some of these foods are known as super foods and contain many vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body and help aid weight loss.

There are only 3 main food groups, carbohydrates, fats and protein. We do have micro-nutrients, but that is a whole other subject. We need to make sure that approximately 60% of the foods that we are eating are carbohydrates. Carbs are the primary source of fuel and energy for the body, so we need to make sure the body has enough energy for everyday activities. There should only be minimal fat from the foods that we are eating and the remaining will be protein, which will provide essential nutrients for growth and recovery.

So now we have established what the food groups are, we can now look at out “diet” to see what ration of food we are consuming in regards to food groups. This is important because we can identify if we are eating too many calorie dense foods which are high in saturated fat, or if we are lacking nutritional value from any of the food groups.

The best way to go about this is to simply create a food dairy. This can be a simple word planer or you could opt for a smart phone app, the choice is yours, but this has to be the first real step to keep track of what you are eating. A good practice is to plan your week ahead and divide up the foods that you purchase into the given food groups so that you can align your grocery list with foods that give you nutritional value and will help aid weight loss. This is very manageable with a little bit of planning.

Alternatively instead of writing down every food that you eat daily during the week, you could take pictures of the food that you eat and shoot a picture of the food label so that nutritional value and calories are recorded without writing things down. This is a good strategy for busy people.

Many studies have found that people who take pictures of the foods they are eating as a way of recording and tracking food intake found it easier to reduce and remove many of the unhealthy food choices that were on their diets. It is very easy to see how this works, not many people will be very enthusiastic about taking a picture of a greasy cheese burger and chips, over a healthy salad. This theory works well and saves time. It is all a matter of choice.

The next thing to look at would be the liquid drinks that you have daily and in the week. This is important as far too many people drink far too many sugary and carbonated drinks that have almost no nutritional value in them at all. These types of drinks are loaded with calories that will do no benefit to your waistline.
To lose weight we need to ensure that the right types of liquid drinks are in our diets. You should be looking to swap carbonated drinks and alcohol with pure clean water and health drinks like smoothies and shakes for added variety. Water can play a very vital role in any weight loss plan, and is especially important if there is no exercise in a person’s lifestyle.

Water is a big player in these kinds of eating plans, because water will often fill the gap of hunger. If water is taken with a meal, there is less chance of over eating and thus reduces the chance of weight gain. Water will also help with the process of digestion and also flush out unhealthy toxins from the body to ensure a clean inside.

As mentioned the best way to add variety with drinks in a healthy eating plan is to throw a few smoothies into the mix. These are a great addition because you can get the much needed 5 fruit and vegetables a day and also they are a time saver. Many people struggle to get enough fruit and vegetables a day into their diets, smoothies provide the ideal solution.

The typical recommendation for healthy weight loss is about 1-lbs per week. You should not look to lose any more than this. This is very manageable without starving the body of needed nutrients. To lose a pound of weight per week, you need to reduce 3,500 calories from the diet that you are on. This works out at a calorie reduction of 500 a day to keep in the healthy range.

Another common problem that many people face in today is that they are sitting around for long period of time in the work place. This can make it tricky to keep to a healthy eating plan without cheating. It has been proven in many studies that people who sit around for long periods of time eat more generally than people that don’t. In this case, try to stand up and walk around whenever possible. A few other ways keep the weight from piling on, are to use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk instead of using the car, and walk the dog more often.

Overall the diet is the most important aspect of a weight loss plan, and since we are not exercising or training, this is especially important. It will take a bit of careful planning and commitment to get into the habit of recording the foods that you eat on a daily basis, but within a few short weeks, it will become a regular habit.